Discover all the possibilities of cudo.co!

Galleries with visualizations and folders with drawings

You can add all kinds of files to your work zone at cudo.co and add descriptions, comments and share them with other people.

This form of project presentation will speed up the client’s decision-making process.

Discussing the projects

We enable you to communicate with all people involved in the project: the team (e.g. other designers), the client and even suppliers (e.g. carpenters).

Project wizard

Use the project wizard that speeds up project creation, automates adding new folders and creating a task list relevant to the scope of the project.

with customers

Work comfortably and professionally with the client. Share selected visualizations and files, give feedback and ask questions.

with the team

Work effectively with your team. Exchange the necessary files and information, work together on the final version of the design for a client.

with vendors

Efficiently communicate all information about the project to suppliers, e.g. carpenters. Share folders for quotes.


Plan tasks for yourself and your team to successively and efficiently implement next stages of projects.

Shopping lists

Create lists of needed products, control the client’s budget and present interesting combinations. You can also prepare orders or requests for a quote.

Managing multiple projects

Cudo.co provides you with a preview of all of your projects.

You see which are completed on time and which require more of your involvement.

Scheduling tasks will speed up project work and make it easier for you to control all projects.

You will reach your goals faster!


Send requirement surveys to customers with questions about the project, so that all information provided by the client is in one place.

completed projects

After the project is completed, you can still view it and you can always come back to it.

Cudo.co will leave a trace after each exchange of information with the client.

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