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My name is Joanna Zawicka, I am the owner of cudo.co, an interior designer and the founder of the Zawicka-ID studio.

I have been designing interiors since 2006. I have always loved to create functional concepts, compositions of materials and colors and then take care of every detail of the project. Unfortunately, the number of issues in each project, difficulties in communication and controlling the timeliness of tasks added a lot of stress to my daily work. My evenings, which should have been my time for rest, were occupied by calls and meetings as my clients and I struggled to find mutually fitting schedules.

By nature, I am a very well organized person who values my own time and efficient communication. That’s why I needed to quickly control the chaos in managing my own studio.

I tested many solutions and applications available on the market, but each one was more of a hindrance than a help. I didn’t dare show any to my clients. I started thinking about the idea: “what if we created something made with architects in mind?”.

The thought sprouted in my head, and I was lucky to havearound me talented programmers who were willing to help. After hundreds of conversations, we finally made a decision and created the application!

We give designers their free time back

During project meetings, I told the developers what my problem was, and then together, we looked for a step-by-step solution that could be implemented in the application.

This is still how we work to this day. Whenever I see a new challenge that architects have to face, I immediately write it down on our list of ideas. Thanks to this, cudo.co is constantly developing and adapting to the ever changing reality.

I am happy that we can help architects improve their work. It’s not just about the fact that it allows us to earn more, to carry out more projects. For me, it is equally valuable that every hour saved at work usually means a lot of good things — more time to rest, develop hobbies or play with my children. And that is priceless 🙂 And equally important — customers like our tool, as they feel safe having insight into an orderly project.

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