About us

The application for architects and interior designers

Cudo.co is the result of a collaboration of enterprising individuals who know the design industry in Poland well and the specifics of working with clients inside out.

After testing many of the available solutions in the area of communication and project management, we decided that they were not adapted to the needs of cooperation between an interior designer or landscape architect and their clients.

In addition, we wanted to improve the comfort of designers, their teamwork, to increase the efficiency and profitability of their work.

We created a comprehensive tool to better organize design work, from project communication to budgeting.

We give designers their free time back

During project meetings, I told the developers what my problem was, and then together, we looked for a step-by-step solution that could be implemented in the application.

This is still how we work to this day. Whenever I see a new challenge that architects have to face, I immediately write it down on our list of ideas. Thanks to this, cudo.co is constantly developing and adapting to the ever changing reality.

I am happy that we can help architects improve their work. It’s not just about the fact that it allows us to earn more, to carry out more projects. For me, it is equally valuable that every hour saved at work usually means a lot of good things — more time to rest, develop hobbies or play with my children. And that is priceless 🙂 And equally important — customers like our tool, as they feel safe having insight into an orderly project.

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