How do we protect your data?

1. We use the HTTPS protocol to secure the data you send us. Thanks to this, your data is encrypted – which means that no unauthorized person can read it.

2. We sign the encrypted data with an SSL certificate, which ensures the security of the transmission. Similar certificates are used by banks to secure online transactions (for example, transfers).

3. Remember, before entering your data, make sure that you see a closed padlock in the address bar of your browser, and that the website address starts with https://. Then you can be sure that you are using the authentic website.

4. Thanks to the fact that we use reputable suppliers of computing power, the website is secured, among others, by a firewall, server security devices, encryption devices and physical security measures. We also have a signed contract for the processing of personal data.

5. Your password is encrypted. Even we cannot access it, so if you forget it, we can only give you a new one, never get it back.

6. All our data is backed up several times a day on external servers. Thanks to this, even a physical failure of the machine on which they are located does not threaten data loss.

7. Aplikacja napisana jest w nowoczesnym środowisku programistycznym, które z samej swojej konstrukcji jest zabezpieczone przed najczęściej spotykanymi rodzajami ataków takimi jak, SQL Injection, CSRF, XSS itp.